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Circuit Museums Cusco

Includes visits to

> Museo Pachamama Perú
> Museo Inca
> Museo de Historia Natural
> Museo de sitio Qoricancha


The tour starts at ¨MUSEO PACHAMAMA¨, located at the main square of Cusco. MUSEO PACHAMAMA has an exhibition of 250 indigenous plants of which you will learn about their history, uses and preparations for natural medicines. Thereafter, you will be going to the Inca Museum, where you can appreciate Peru´s ancestral history. The tour continues to the Natural Historical Museum and finalizes at the Qoricancha Museum.
Tour Description


The MUSEO PACHAMAMA has native gastronomic Peruvian products and 250 varieties of medicinal plants. The plants are considered natural medicines that are able to heal the physical and energetic body as well as mind, spirit and soul of human beings. The main objective is to rescue, revalue, preserve and spread ancestral knowledge regarding natural medicines, spirituality and gastronomy. You will learn about the history of natural medicines, its preparation and uses transmitted from generation to generation by different cultures as part of our tradition, identity and living culture.

Museum Inka

In Inka Museum guards many treasures dated from pre-Inca era until the 20th century and is considered to be the museum summarizes best the history of Cusco. Its collection consists of textiles, vessels, ceremonial vessels (keros), gold and silver works, weapons of war, mummified human remains and much more. There are exhibitions of representations of the current era that highlight the tradition of the Andean communities that still practice what they learned from their ancestors.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum houses geological and paleontological samples of Cusco and its surroundings, representative specimens of biological diversity. It has a dioramas room that are from the coast, mountains and jungle, where the ecosystems of different regions of Peru are exhibited, with their most representative species, as well as embryo conservation jars of different animals, including a development collection human embryonic.

Qoricancha Museum

The Qoricancha museum has five rooms where the chronological order of civilization in Cusco is exposed. There are replicas of the objects found in the excavations carried out on site, samples of ceramics, lithic pieces, from the pre-Inca and Inca periods.


The tour includes

> Professional bilingual guide;
> Water ponchos;
> Medicinal infusions;
> Pink quartz for self-esteem;
> Huairuro for protection and good luck.

The tour does not include entrance tickets nor additional purchases.

It is highly recommended to bring a waterproof poncho, sunscreen, coat, bottled water and hiking shoes.


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